version ver‧sion [ˈvɜːʆn ǁ ˈvɜːrʒn] noun [countable]
a form of a computer program, product etc that is slightly different from earlier forms:

• A new version of the computer spreadsheet will be launched this year.

• German sources reckon the most powerful version of the motor will reach 135bhp.

— version verb [transitive] :

• All these files are versioned of course to keep track of what was done.

ˈalpha ˌversion COMPUTING
a version of software that is being tested by the company that is writing it, in order to find out if it works properly
ˈbeta ˌversion COMPUTING
a version of software that has been tested by the people who developed it and then given to a specially chosen group of users to find out if there are any more small problems with it, before it is made available to the public:

• Even with this beta version, no major problems have surfaced, so we expect the release version to be very solid.

demonˈstration ˌversion
COMPUTING a computer program that shows customers what a new piece of software will be able to do when it is available and they can buy it

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version UK US /ˈvɜːʃən/ noun [C] IT
a product, computer program, document, etc. that is slightly different from its previous or later forms: »

A trial version of the program can be downloaded from our website.


The system has a built-in tool to help with version control.


the current/latest/new version


an electronic/online version


an amended/edited/updated version

version verb [T]

Everything in the system is versioned to make workflow easier to manage.

See also ALPHA VERSION(Cf. ↑alpha version), BETA VERSION(Cf. ↑beta version), DEMONSTRATION VERSION(Cf. ↑demonstration version)

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